Guest on Startup Insights

Guest on Startup Insights

Startup Insights Podcast with AJ Davis

Are you a startup founder passionate about knowing the problem - so you can solve it? Have you helped entrepreneurs learn about their customers through user research?

We’d love to hear from you!

In each episode, we interview people passionate about getting to know their customers. Some entrepreneurs use traditional user research practices in new spaces - and some have to find creative ways to find and learn about their niche.

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About the Host

AJ Davis is currently the Founder and CEO of Experiment Zone, which provides strategic conversion rate optimization services for online businesses. She also serves as a startup advisor to several companies and focuses on user experience research, data, and fostering growth.

AJ regularly appears on podcasts to discuss user experience, entrepreneurship, remote work, and conversion rate optimization.

You can find AJ on LinkedIn and on your favorite social network. You can also reach her here.

About the Show

Startup Insights is a podcast for entrepreneurs interested in building businesses that solve real problems.

We tell stories about early stage startups and how they’ve used user research to shape their product and strategy. We interview entrepreneurs and researchers who have come to understand their customers through interviews, surveys, and other techniques. Our guests highlight specific examples of how their businesses conduct research - and what they’ve learned along the way.

Who should listen?

  • Early stage startups wanting to build impactful businesses
  • Funded startups managing their customer research strategy
  • VCs wanting to invest in data-based businesses

You can find us on SoundCloud and on your favorite podcast platforms.